The new GANT eyewear collection features modern, functional sunglasses and eyeglasses that stand out for their modern, preppy styling. Silhouettes include classic and iconic silhouettes, while colorways remain contemporary thanks to a variety of lens tints.

As part of GANT’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, the brand launched the innovative r-PET eyewear line in 2019 and continues to develop new eco-friendly styles for this new release. The GANT R-Pet eyewear frames are made from 85% r-PET plastic, equating to five recycled bottles per frame.

GANT has a long history of creating products that are not only beautifully designed, but also built to last. Creating quality items that can be used over and over is one of the most sustainable practices a brand can hold. This concept has been at the core of GANT’s business since its inception, and now further builds upon that value by utilizing sustainably sourced materials and technological research to further reduce its environmental impact.

The collection will be available at select opticians from April 2021.