The new Moncler Lunettes collection stems from the brand’s passion for exploration: a story that transforms and reinterprets nature’s heritage. A breathtaking view of mountain peaks is both the source of inspiration and the starting point from which the brand evolves, through design and technological research. Creativity and functionality are the undisputed stars of an adventure that is all about lightness: the new eyewear offers comfort, style and quality, while combining performance with city-inspired elegance.
A collection characterized by versatile shapes, unique materials and iconic frames, where sport, duvet and timeless are the three key themes. Rubber tips, laser engraving, logos, and sustainable manufacturing are the distinctive features that make Moncler Lunettes eyewear truly unique. A modern look meets technical materials in the shield style from the sport line. Innovative details and stylish silhouettes define the flat and light puffy optical frames and sunglasses from the duvet line; and vintage inspirations blend together with unconventional shapes in the new heritage glasses from the timeless line.