Sleek, practical, unmistakable. The sunglasses and optical eyewear of the new GANT collection are
an irreplaceable and timeless accessory for people who express their style by blending traditional
rules and personal perspectives.

The creative and innovative spirit of GANT eyewear, an expression of preppy style always in step with
the times, is translated into extremely functional frames for men and women that combine classic
and iconic shapes with the charisma and distinction of an extraordinary color palette.

The r-PET project, launched in 2020, is an example of GANT's ongoing commitment to eco-
sustainability, which is expressed each season through new eco-friendly styles. Each r-PET frame is
made from 85% regenerated plastic, which is about five recycled bottles. This season the attention is
given to a model that is 100% sustainable.

What makes the brand so iconic is the quality of its materials and the style of each product, designed
to be worn again and again, while enhancing every experience. This unique philosophy transforms
advanced technological research into a vital and conscious quest to reduce its environmental impact.