Taking cues from the architectural and artistic inspirations behind the new Bally collection, a diverse range of new season sunglasses cater to customers seeking the latest optical shapes, as well as all-time classics finished with signature finishes.

Iconic brand details celebrate Bally’s 170-year anniversary in 2021, such as the Bally Grip motif, that first appeared on the soles of technical hiking boots and is subtly reinterpreted into the sunglass collection through nose pads, front pins, and temples. The Bally Stripe and B-Chain further tie the sunglasses with the wider seasonal collection and are incorporated into metal and colored acetate styles.

Styles are designed with an international consumer in mind and are delivered in universal Smart Fit and Asian Fit designs.

The collection is available at Bally boutiques worldwide, on Bally.com, and via Marcolin’s distribution partners.